EUCIC LOCAL MODULE – Catania, 10-12 May 2023

Management of “pandemic” MDROs: is it still simple and feasible?

We asked ourselves if it was not the case to promote initiatives to give knowledge, to promote behaviour change, to organize the surveillance, prevention and control interventions of HAI. The course that we propose, to be really meaningful for the operators who will take part in it, will not be purely theoretical but interactive. The course would like to spread the culture and the knowledge about Healthcare Associated Infections prevention and control and of MDROs detection and therapies by education and motivation to obtain a behavior change with a comprehensive vision of prevention, surveillance, control of infections and therapies. The participants will learn about the international and Italian epidemiology of MDROs and about the laws and guide-lines to control MDROs spread comparing different international experiences. The participants will be able to implement infection control procedures from hand hygiene to surveillance of MDROs and HAI and to apply stewardship programs.

Module organizer

Annibale Raglio